Ottumwa Shrine Club - " LOVE to the Rescue "  Isn't it great to be a shriner!
Welcome to the 2014 Ottumwa Shrine Club  MARCH Edition
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Welcome to our website! Here you can learn all the latest news, view photos and keep in touch. We are excited to share our interests with you and hope you find everything you need.

this is a huge symbol of pride for many a Shriner who wishes to go on and do more for the children.If you would like to help the Ottumwa shrine club with their efforts you can do so by using the pledge button on the right. Thank you very much for your generous donation. Any further information please feel free to use our contact button which will provide e-mail directly to us.


February is "Love to the rescue" Month! Thanks to Valentine's Day, February has long  been a month associated with love. And there really couldn't be a better time of year for Shriners Hospitals for Children to share our message of bringing "Love to the rescue" with the public. We have lots of exciting things planned for the month, and so much you can help with and participate in

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
If you don't already, be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages starting next week. We will be sharing stories from our patients and families, photos from our Wall of LOVE and a few special special activities at our hospital. Everything we post, we invite you to click "share" or "retweet" to spread to your social networks! Don't forget the hashtag #lovetotherescue! Here's where to find us:
Thoughts for the upcoming months:

January - "We become what we think about, program your mind for                      success!"
 - Les Brown

February -  "When we argue for our Limitations, we will most likely                         get to keep them!"
 - Les Brown                      

March - "There has never been a man so successful as to not have                         experienced failure!"
 - Unknown

April -  "Positive thoughts are what provides positive results!"
 - Unknown

May - "A man has never been so tested as when he has to rely upon                 his beliefs alone!"
 - Unknown

June - "A journey of thousand miles begins with one small step!"
 - Unknown
Upcoming Events

Bowling Fundraiser - April 12 & 13 , 2014 

Pork Burger Meal / Balloon race week 

Ottumwa Pro Balloon Races Ottumwa Shrine Club Pork Burger Meal Wednesday June, 2014 
Greater Ottumwa Park    

 Meal tickets available from any Ottumwa shrine club member, at Boitnott Enterprises on Gateway Drive or at the day of the event in Ottumwa Iowa.  
Tickets are $6.00 and includes pork burger, beans, fruit cocktail and drink. There will be some musical entertainment also.

  Golf  Tournament - Pending

" No Man Stands So Tall as When He Stoops to Help a Child "

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